House of Glam Incorporated

Our Team

House of Glam is the first full-service lash studio to open in St. John's, Newfoundland. We sell and distribute the highest quality products at an affordable cost. House of Glam will lead the industry with a major focus on research and development in areas such as occupational exposure, allergic reactions, and the health and safety surrounding applications and products. Owners Dianna and Kristie had a dream to set higher standards and raise the bar for the lash industry and so House of Glam Inc. was created!



Dianna Marie Dwyer // Director of Research and Product Development

Dianna is co-owner of House of Glam Inc, a professional Master Lash Artist, and a reputable Lash Educator. Dianna fell in love with lashing over 5 years ago. Her time spent making her clients feel beautiful became her place of zen. After years of living all over the country she decided to move home.  She strongly believes aspiring lash artists require comprehensive training, followed by critical evaluation prior to certification. Dianna is working with specialists to develop HofG Lash School curriculum which will be offered in 2019. “Too often men and women are looked down upon for choosing a career in the beauty industry. Sometimes parents, friends, etc.. have ‘higher’ expectations set for you and rather than disappoint them you go against your heart. Education is everything.... it’s a powerful tool. Follow whatever it is that interests you and learn as much as you can about it. And I mean really get into it... become a specialist. After years of lashing I’ve decided I want to develop a certification program that sets the bar. This higher standard will separate House of Glam from all other programs offered.

Kristie Lawlor // Director of Operations and Logistics

Kristie’s friendly smile, positive vibes, and passion for the lash industry really shines through at House of Glam Inc. Kristie is a co-owner and founder of HofG. At a young age, Kristie became interested in understanding how the mind works so she studied psychology and began working with individuals who suffered from mental illness. During this time she began her lash business from home, and immediately her clientele grew - just as quick as her passion for lashing. The ability to work and really love what you do is extremely rare. She knew she had found the career of her dreams. Not only does Kristie get to make her amazing clients feel and look fabulous, she also sincerely enjoys building relationships with them. 
Leaving her home-based business and collaborating with Dianna to open HofG was a no brainer. “Opening and running a business in this city is not easy but HofG is definitely something to be proud of. I get to do what I love next to my best friend while making women feel good about themselves. I look forward to educating future lash artists and clients in our glamorous studio!” 

Kirsten Schoenberg // Social Media Manager

Born and raised in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Kirsten’s passion for makeup began after high school. After years of obsessed YouTube watching, she finally enrolled in a Professional Makeup Certificate program. This coupled with becoming a Lash Artist, Kirsten is finally on her way to her dream career. "It's so important to do something you love. It took me a little while to make the leap, but I'm so excited to be at House of Glam!" Her favourite thing about her job is making her clients feel more confident and giving them tips & tricks to try at home. She is also the queen of product recommendations. Kirsten is often found binging a tv series & scrolling through instagram or obsessively posting about her dog, Bodie.

Sarah Kavanagh // Studio Assistant

Sarah was a consistent lash extension client for years. It was then that she fell in love with the eyelash extension industry. 
Sarah was personally trained by owners and Master Lash Artists Kristie and Dianna. She has a sharp eye for detail, strives for perfection, and loves witnessing the radiance her clients feel after receiving her work. Sarah strongly believes that every one of her clients should leave the studio feeling beautiful, projecting confidence with their custom set of lashes. Sarah is passionate about all aspects of the the beauty industry and hopes to eventually explore other aspects of cosmetology. 
When not in the studio, she likes to hang out with friends and spend hours binging Netflix with her cat Mosbie.

Anna Montgomery // Administrative Assistant

Anna did a lot of moving around in her early years, born in British Columbia, lived in Alberta for a few years, then moving to Newfoundland, specifically, Paradise, which is now what she calls home. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life, in particular what profession I would choose. It was scary choosing something that would shape who I am and who I would become. Through a friend I was informed about the aesthetics program at Academy Canada. I enrolled in 2016 and convocated in 2018. Through out the course of that program, I found what I loved to do. I found a path, I created goals. I’ve met incredible people along the way, and now I wouldn’t choose anything else”. Since then, Anna’s clients call her, “The Wax Queen”, and she holds that title with high regard. She attended the New York Esthetics show, Newfoundland Esthetics show, & did other courses along the way. 
Anna loves the aesthetics industry because she wants people to feel confident in themselves, Love themselves. “I believe if you feel good in yourself, you can accomplish anything. I want my clients to feel this”. Anna is eager to dive into the lash industry. Anyone that knows Anna, knows that family is one of the most important things to her and that she is excited to start a new family with the HofG. 
During Anna’s free time she likes to run competitively and spend time with her dog Alpine, who is a rescue from Labrador.