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House of Glam Incorporated

Leading the Lash Game

House of Glam Inc. is the first full-service Eyelash Treatment studio in St. John's

With a modern spin and innovate lash school, House of Glam certified Lash Artists raise the bar for the industry

A major focus on research and development is reflected in House of Glam's exceptional product line

Shine Bright

Our Lashes Stop Traffic

We offer Classic, Hybrid, Volume, and Mega Volume lashes, all gorgeous and completely customized to each client


I have gone to numerous eyelash technicians over the years and consistently had problems. Eye infections, irritation, allergic reactions. I decided to try out House of Glam because of their dedication to quality, client care and high standards. I have never been happier!

– Client

As a fellow Lash tech, I was beyond excited to try these products. The glue is fantastic, zero issues with it closing my fans or weighing down the natural lash and The glam girl lashes made the most beautiful fans. Girls, you’ve outdone yourselves !!

– Lash Artist

House of Glam is awesome! The staff are delightful and the talent is amazing! Love my lashes!

– Client

Kristie and Diana are both super educated in proper lash application, hygiene and maintenance ... their products are amazing as well! Their lashes are super soft and don't feel hard or spikey like some other brands do! They also last! If you take proper care by using their lash shampoo and brushing as per recommended you shouldn't have a problem getting 3 weeks out of a set! These ladies know what they are doing and will make sure your satisfied with your lashes!

– Client

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