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Black Diamond Collection Volume Lashes Single Lengths


Black Diamond Collection Volume Lashes Single Lengths


Our house of glam black diamond collection lashes are made from Korean high quality fibres, the individual lashes are dipped in velvet and double swiped with light adhesive to create auto fanning. These lashes are perfect for lash artists who have not yet mastered the technique. When the lashes are lifted off of the strip onto the lashes the residual adhesive does not add any extra weight to the natural lash it simply degrades once placed on the natural lash, when using black diamond lashes ensure that the stem is dipped all the way in to the adhesive to prevent the fan from closing.


The end results will give the clients lash line a very dark appearance almost like eyeliner, its creates a fluffy full look, black diamond is known to have really good retention when used with invisa-bond. When using black diamond you can go from 2-4 D depending on the clients natural lashes. 

The black diamond lashes are available in mixed length trays, and single length trays of 6 rows 

◆ FLUFFY full look 

◆ VELVET material 

◆ SPEEDY lashes