House of Glam Incorporated

Our Values

Quality over Quantity

It isn’t about how fast you can finish a set of lashes or about how many clients you can get through your day. It’s about taking the time to perfect your work and making sure each client you have leaves feeling fabulous, glamorous and confident!


Creating art should never be devalued. Creating hand-made fans is a skill that takes time and practice and it can’t be rushed. We value professional lash artists who are persistent and dedicated and do not give up on perfecting fans. With that being said we absolutely do not use pre-made fans. We take the time and make them = PROmade.


Our industry is constantly changing and growing with new techniques, and more information is rapidly becoming available. Let’s get creative together and look outside the box to see where improvements can be made.

Professional Etiquette

The interactions between the lash artist, the client, and the environment around them will greatly influence their experience. Always act in a professional manner - set yourselves apart! Professionalism will always shine through.



ASK! The best way to learn is through hands on experience where you have the opportunity to ask and receive the answer. Never stop learning. Take as many training programs and courses that you can. This is your career and if you truly want to flourish you must believe in continuous education. Even if you can take one thing away from a course - it was worth it.  

Place Health and Safety above all

The lash industry is relatively new and therefore the short and long term health effects have not yet been studied. We value our own health and also the health of our clients and to minimize any negative health outcomes we follow the highest standards and best practices.