House of Glam Incorporated


Education is one of the most important things to us! House of Glam will be offering their own Lash School to certify aspiring lash artists, Group Workshops to improve and teach techniques to currently certified last artists, and one-on-one sessions for more hands-on help for lash artists' desired concerns.

Lash School

House of Glam has developed the most thorough training program offered in Canada. Our Lash School is designed to provide students with the appropriate amount of theory prior to learning the practical component of lash applications. We plan to work with our students individually by mentoring them until we feel confident in their ability to pass the examinations. From our experience, we have learned that not every lash artist retains information the same way or develops skills in the same amount of time. Therefore, we will assess our students on an individual basis and once we feel confident in their ability, they can challenge their exams. It is our goal to ensure our students set the benchmark for the industry. Our comprehensive certification program will begin taking applications later in 2019.



House of Glam holds workshops in order to teach or fine-tune different techniques that can take your skills to the next level and provide a better service to your clients. These workshops can be 1 or 2 days long, and will include theory as well as a practical component. We can provide a lash model or the participant can. 


One-on-One Skill Building

One-on-One skill building is perfect for those lash artists that desire more concentrated attention and more active responses from the master lash artists. This type of environment also tends to be less stressful as there is no one students to be comparing your work to. It's also a great way to avoid overstimulation and hone in on the specific skills you wish to improve!