House of Glam’s main focus is setting the benchmark for eyelash treatment programs in North America. In the absence of industry regulations, and through years of experience, House of Glam recognized the need for a unique training program that truly works with their students on an individual basis. HofG designed lash training programs to exceed current industry expectations. It is our mission to provide HofG students with a training experience like no other. It is our goal to help HofG certified Lash Artists rise to the top and truly meet their full potential. 

The beauty industry is saturated with lash artists, so what will you do to stand out from the rest?

I once flew to LA to take a mega volume course from a company I admired. It wasn’t cheap, it was extremely expensive. However, I wanted to stand out from my competitors and I wanted to be the best. When my educator asked why I had flown so far, I responded “ Well, if you want to be the best, then you need to train with the best”. I will always, ALWAYS, stand by this. - Dianna Dwyer 

We've developed the most thorough training program offered in North America, These programs are designed to provide students with the perfect amount of theory prior to learning the practical component of lash applications.

We work with our students on individual basis by mentoring them until we feel confident in their ability to pass the examinations. It is our goal to ensure our students set the benchmark for the industry, become leaders and live a life full of success. 


Classic Training

The Fundamentals of Lashing (Level 1)

Our classic lash course provides students with an introduction to the fundamentals of lashing. The course is designed as a level 1 entry for aspiring individuals who are interested in becoming a certified lash artist. Our beginner course teaches students how to perform a client assessment and intake, as well as determine whether the client is a good candidate for lashes. The course provides details on different lash materials, styles, products, applications and removals. HofG teaches students all the tips and tricks to making classic lashes appear full with optimum retention.

This is an innovative and modern 2-day program for those individuals interested in  obtaining a higher education and providing exceptional results - at an accelerated pace. HofG students are given the opportunity to maximize their experience through a course that focuses on comprehensive theory and hands-on experience. Most students want to learn, they want the opportunity to apply themselves, and they require the tools necessary for success. To rise to the top, to truly make your educational investment worthwhile it takes time - and guidance. One of the most critical downfalls of traditional lash courses is the failure to provide those two necessary elements. Students learn best under the direct supervision and guidance of an experienced teacher and so, House of Glam developed a program that focuses on the individual, by giving them the opportunity to apply, fill, and remove synthetic eyelashes incorporated with those two elements.

Volume Training

Introduction to Volume Training (Level 2)

It started with classic lash training where one synthetic lash was applied to 1 natural lash. Then, just like all industries it progressed into something a little more; it was like watching one beautiful rose blossom into a bouquet of roses. The ability to customize lash applications for each individual client involves in depth training with meaningful theory and hands on experience. You simply cannot become a professional volume lash artist without investing in your education to provide you with concrete and up to date information. However, education will only help an aspiring lash artist get so far. At House of Glam we believe education is never ending, and hands on training is necessary, but most importantly skills take time to develop. We will be here as a resource for all of our students, even after certification. Let us help you develop professional fan making skills!

  • We offer back to back training for classic and volume. It’s 3 day training so if you sign up for both of them you will receive a small discount. Please Inquire.

Advanced Volume Training

Mastering Mega Volume  (Level 3)

So, you’ve aced classic, and you’re killin’ it at volume. Now it’s time to learn how to create that black out mega volume look. This course focuses on mega volume techniques used to create the end results. Our advanced volume course covers 2-4 layer mapping practices, bridging gaps, damage control, corrective lashing & so much more. In Advanced Volume House of Glam teaches you everything you need to know to level up your skills. The course will teach you how to apply more lashes in a shorter amount of time & how maximize client retention like never before. This course will blow you away and open your mind  up to a whole new lash world.

Push your limits! It’s time to shine! 

Crystallization Training

Fan Making Practice  ( 1.5-2.5 lol or somewhere in between ) 

Whether you’re a seasoned lash artist, or you’re just starting out, our Crystallizing Course teaches students a variety of techniques to lashing. This course is hands on experience working with educators to figure out what technique works best for you. Maybe you want to make wider fans? Or are you having trouble keeping the bases thin? Whatever it is, this course will help fix any of your fan making problems. 

Crystallization Training Link

With this course - students will get a fan making kit that includes a volume tweezer, crystallizing sheets & storage container, Along with a certificate. This course will be half-day with no model needed.


Revolutionary Lash Program

House of Glam Revolutionary Lash Program (RLP) is the first eyelash extension course that teaches students the fundamentals of lashing with a focus on volume. The industry is rapidly changing and the future for lashing is volume application. Classic lash application significantly limits lash artists to a certain result; whereas volume provides clients with many options. Our RLP emphasizes client intake and assessment procedures through education and hands on experience. A higher incidence of documented allergic reactions and contraindications highlight the need for lash artists to ask the questions, assess the conditions, and determine the appropriate solution.

Today, the market is flooded with lash technicians who provide a substandard service due to inadequate training. To be successful at lashing you need to be informative (providing clients with the answers most people don’t have) and have trouble shooting skills to ensure you keep your clientele satisfied. Not every client can retain classic and not every client can keep volume lashes, therefore, lash artists should be able to give clients options!

Once students understand the fundamentals of lashing, including all health and safety components, the style of lashing does not pose any risk to the client. Volume technique is challenging, it requires dedication and practice, and if you can apply volume it qualifies you to apply classic. However, classic eyelash extensions are not in demand and most clients are interested in fullness that can only be created by volume application.

Our RLP gives students the opportunity to become certified in Classic & volume with an extra two days of training. This course takes place over a period of 5 days - where students can book with educators over 5 day period and it does not have to be consecutive . This program is great for anyone close to a HofG studio and would like the flexibility to break the course down over a week or months, etc. It provides students with an extra two days of help from master educators in HofG studios. This course is customizable for each person! 

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Refresher course ( Level 1, Level 2, Level 3) 

One-on-One skill building is perfect for those lash artists that desire more concentrated attention and more active responses from the master lash artists. This type of environment also tends to be less stressful as there are no other students to compare your work to. It's also a great way to avoid overstimulation and zone in on the specific skills you wish to improve! Whether its classic, volume or mega volume. Our instructors work one on one without a set curriculum - we answer all your questions and help you in any areas you need. 

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Intro to Lash Elevation 

A necessary service to be able to offer your clients who want a more natural look with less upkeep! House of Glam has their own lash lift kit - ELEVATE. This is the fastest kit on the market and has enough product for 15 clients. Let us teach you this amazing service so you can grow your clientele! Half day period. All our content is available online prior to the hands on. 

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