Lash Primer - Hydroprime

    Always prime lashes before extensions.   HydroPrime has transformed EYELASH EXTENSION PRIMER by not only cleansing the lashes but also hydrating NATURAL LASHES.  Formulated with vegan + cruelty-free ingredients and made...

    Rock Adhesive

    DESCRIPTION This is a rock hard bond! With a 0.5 second dry time, this is definitely for  experienced lash artists. Rock's humidity range is large and perfect for every climate....

    Hypoallergenic Adhesive - Invisabond

    Invisabond! Our amazing hypoallergenic adhesive for sensitive eyes. With a 0.5 second dry time, this is definitely for experienced lash artists. Humidity range is large and perfect for every climate....

    Eyelash Remover

     DESCRIPTION: Our House of Glam grape-flavoured lash remover is a gentle cream remover that won't sting your clients' eyes! Safe and convenient way to remove unwanted lash extensions. This lash...

    Glam Liner

    DESCRIPTION: We want to make strip lash applications as easy as possible for you. No more messy white glue or black liner all over your eyes. Glam liner is transparent...

    Lash cleanser + brush

    Our dynamic duo! Lash detox and detox brush  was designed to cleanse your lashes to prevent damage from occurring, to nourish the lashes, all while removing bacteria and dirt. It...

    Diamond Adhesive

    WE INTRODUCE TO YOU OUR DIAMOND ADHESIVE!  Have you ever imagined a lash extension infill at 5 weeks with ⅔ of the lashes still remaining? We have. We made our...

    Diamond Sealant

    Hold up, wait a minute, let me put some sealant on it. Diamond Sealant helps every adhesive cure from the inside out. Applying a small amount will strengthen bonds, maximize elasticity...

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