Why Should You Do Your Lash Extension Training at House of Glam?


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Why Should You Do Your Lash Extension Training at House of Glam?

We’re sure you’ve seen them. The overly cheap courses that make all kinds of promises to prepare you for your first clients. Companies that tell you their courses are the best and have the most thorough training, and that all you need is what comes with your initial $197 purchase.

Everyone claims that their program is the best - of course they would. We want to explain why you should choose House of Glam for lash extension training, lash lift and tint training, brow lamination training, and so much more. 

For starters, House of Glam is our baby. It was created to bring a higher standard to the beauty industry, create courses based on scientific research and true artistry, and ask more of our students than simply purchasing a course. Larger companies have some pretty enticing prices, but do they give you continued support? House of Glam offers support through all of our social media channels, email, audio AND video calls - whatever best suits the student. We also give our students access to whatever courses they are enrolled in for LIFE! Why? Because this industry is constantly changing, and so are our courses! We want lash artists that are House of Glam certified to stay current and keep up with new science, improved products, and industry trends.

Dianna & Kristie have a combined 15+ years experience in the beauty industry, with countless certifications under their belt, along with university degrees in public health & psychology. They spent years developing our training programs, working night and day to create the most amazing theory modules for students to work through. Our training is jam-packed with all the theory you need to get started as a lash artist, full of educational videos, pictures, and interactive worksheets to prepare you for success.

Our courses include many tips and tricks that you won’t find elsewhere - we developed them here at House of Glam! Our training is designed to give our students a serious advantage when entering the beauty industry. Not only will you have the most in-depth courses under your belt, but you will also have that confidence that is necessary to succeed in this industry.

House of Glam includes amazing kits in all certification courses. The products in these kits are all our own brand, which had been in the making for 4+ years. We have extensive product modules in our training which goes over any product you could ever need! The majority of these products are included in the kits, but there are a few fun extras!

Did we mention that once you train with House of Glam you get 15% off all future product & training purchases for life? YES! You also will get first dibs at new products & training releases at even better discounts!

If you’re thinking about starting a career in the beauty industry, look no further. Contact us at info@houseofglam.ca for more information or visit our website at www.houseofglam.ca.



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