Where is the Lash Industry headed? Pre-mades, Pro-mades, & Crystallization



Where is the Lash Industry headed? Pre-mades, Pro-mades, & Crystallization

The controversial topic surrounding pre-made lash fans is ongoing. The National Association of Lash Artists recently posted about the practice of applying pre-fanned lashes on clients. As professional lash artists we place the clients natural lash health first, and we recognize the dangers of pre-mades (most of us have witnessed it). However, our industry is constantly trying to find manufacturers to create pre-made lashes, and without a doubt we’ve grown so far from where we once were - but is that enough? From clusters, to pre-mades to this new term PRO-MADE. What does it even mean?

We’ve experimented with companies that falsely advertise “pro-made fans” only to discover they DO NOT create their own fans by hand, instead, they outsource to factories where the lashes are grafted, heat bonded, glued, etc to provide consumers with a desirable look - without living up to their expectations. Expectation is certainly subjective; when you have no prior experience with hand-made fans, of course you see no fault in pre-mades. However, for those lash artists who truly spend hours creating fans, wrapping around the lash, and finally watching the clients open up their eyes, pre-mades are annoying

I want to like pre-mades, of course. Who doesn’t want to speed up the application time and have perfectly symmetrical fans that do not close - ever. However, the pre-made fan will tip, will attach to the lashes surrounding them and pull them out, and just after 1 month of wearing them you will have significant gaps and damage, and putting yourself at risk of NEVER being able to grow your natural lashes again. On top of that, how are these lash techs who apply them safely doing in-fills? Have you ever had a new client come in with pre-mades for a fill and be able to provide an in-fill service? In my 6 years of lashing - NEVER. 

That doesn’t mean that I’m giving up on the possibility that a business can succeed in pro-made fans. It just means, if we are going to advertise our lash fans are made by professionals you should define professional. 

So, here we are, about to advertise our very first PRO-MADE/Crystallization course to create jobs here in Canada, to truly provide clients with safe pro-made lashes, and to be a leader in the industry. 

We will be offering a full day course in how to properly crystallize fans for lash artists. You could truly make a business out of it. Or if you’re a lash artist who uses pre-mades you could save yourself a ton of money. Crystallizing is difficult, it’s a talent that many lash techs cannot grasp. We are going to work with you to help you make the most beautiful fans. If you are already a lash tech trying to do volume, whether you've watched youtube videos, attended a training, or have had zero experience, we are going to turn you into a lash crystallizing queen in just one day. 

Side note: What is the difference between pre-made & pro-made?

Professionally made fans imply that a professional lash artist crystallized their fans prior to the service. This is done by a lash professionals in an attempt to save on application time. Pre-made lashes are damaging because the bases are too thick for the natural lash, causing issues with isolation, and eventually pulling on the natural lash. Pre-mades can look so beautiful when they are initially applied. However, give it a few days, a week, or even the three week fill and you will be disgusted with the results. Many companies are falsely claiming their products are professionally made. Unfortunately, a lash industry that trains individuals in lash crystallization doesn't exist - until NOW.

-- Dianna


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