What should I charge as a lash, brow or sunless tan artist?????



What should I charge as a lash, brow or sunless tan artist?????

What should I charge as a lash, brow or sunless tan artist????? 

The cosmetic industry is highly competitive and when you are trying to figure out pricing for your services it can be challenging.

You don’t want to charge too much and push clients away but you also don’t want to sell yourself short with a low price.

Here are the most important considerations for pricing:

1. Education and training: what certificates do you have? How often are you investing in continuous education? What courses have you completed that contribute to your skill set? Are the courses you completed reputable?

2. Quality experience: how much experience do you have providing the service? Keep in mind that someone could have 10 years of lashing but their friend who has only 2 years is doing better. Experience should be looked at as quality experience and not just experience alone. Are your clients happy? Are you retaining customers? Are you experienced with troubleshooting?

3. Quality + amount of product: no doubt they market has many options for beauty professionals to purchase products. Not all products are the same. In fact, they are vastly different and that’s one of the main components that set companies apart. What ingredients are you using? From primer to adhesive to lash extensions quality - what are you using that is benefiting your client?

Cheap products are cheap; quality products are generally more expensive.
Keep that in mind clients expect you to advertise the products you are using, if you are proud of them.

4. Service time: how long are you doing the service? Let’s use lash extensions for instance - - - 

Clients can have 80-150 lashes per eye. So let’s say as an experienced lash artist you are applying 2 lashes every minute, or 1 lash every 30 seconds.

If your client has 80 lashes on each eye, that is going to take you 40 minutes per eye for a total of 1 hr + 10 minutes (80 minutes)

If your client has 150 lashes on each eye, that is going to take you 75 minutes per eye for a total of 2 hrs + 30 minutes (150 minutes) 

This is one of the MANY reasons why we strongly recommend against creating a service menu that prices fills based on the number of weeks such as 2 week fills or 3 week fills. Instead, you should have a system that includes all of these factors.

We recommend our certified students offer touch ups, fills and extended fills based on the type of lashes they are using such as flat lashes, handmade fans or crystallized fans. ETC! 

5. Location + bonuses: where are you providing services? Is it from home or a salon? Salons have much more overhead than your home so clients generally know they will pay more money going to a salon. Just be transparent in your pricing and you’ll gain the right clientele. Is your location relaxing? Are there distractions? Do you offer any add on services like lip plump or under eye treatment?

Comment BELOW if you have any questions + feel free to contact us
@ 1888-305-LASH or info@houseofglam.ca 

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