What could go wrong during a lash lift and tint? how to prevent it?


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What could go wrong during a lash lift and tint? how to prevent it?

HofG students submit various assignments prior to certification. Please enjoy a blog by one of our students!

I chose to browse the web in search of blogs depicting

A significant portion of my findings included, but were not limited to incidents, which caused eye irritation, eye infections, allergic reactions and over-processed lashes.

The lash artists I read about in several blogs appeared to be new to the lash and brow field, did not follow appropriate sanitation measures, or simply made a genuine mistake. I also acknowledged several blogs where the individual receiving the service didn't follow appropriate pre-service guidelines from the lash artist prior to the service, which later caused an eye infection. I’ve discussed my findings below and how to prevent/avoid future incidents to ensure a successful service and a happy client.

Eye irritation is a common complaint clients have during a lash lift and tint. This is mainly due to the use of chemicals such as perming, setting, and tint solutions being applied to the lash/brow. Many experience a mild sensitivity to the chemicals, which can create watery eyes. This can be soothed by using a fan lightly across the eyes and/or utilizing a micro swab to gently dab away water/solutions from the water line of the eye. Other side effects experienced included a rash, redness and/or inflammation of the eye. These type of side affects are usually due to the individual having an extreme sensitivity/allergic reaction, or at times can be solely the fault of the lash artist as they didn’t properly pay attention to the solutions to ensure none entered or sat on the water line of the eyes. This blog also mentioned the importance of lash and brow artists recognizing when such side effects begin or notice prior to a service and refrain from moving forward immediately. If not, a variety of serious infections can affect the eyes functions.

The blog suggested in order to prevent unwanted irritation it would be important to ensure you are not wearing mascara, and or contact lenses during the service. If you have any skin conditions and/or sensitivities it would be a good idea to speak with your doctor prior to any service, and if your skin irritation is on the severe side you may want to reconsider having a lash lift and tint entirely. It’s also suggested to have this conversation with your lash artist prior to any service if you have any health issues or concerns such as dry/watery eyes, stigmatism, thyroid issues etc.

Eye infections/Allergic reactions, I imagine would naturally be of concern to any lash artist, and one I personally wish to avoid. In the blogs I researched ladies stated swollen/red eyes are a sign of infection and must be treated immediately. All girls I read about managed to keep their eyes and lashes due to immediate assistance by a doctor. They were prescribed antibiotics to clear up the infection. Despite the recovery, many of these women feared going back to any lash artist for any service.

One particular blog mentioned when tint is applied you're adding chemicals to your lashes. If

mascara is still on your lashes prior to treatment you are increasing your risk of infection. Also, to reduce allergic reactions the blog suggested performing a spot check with the adhesive glue/ solutions prior to a treatment to ensure client is not allergic. This is especially important for first time treatments.

Over processed lashes as I've read are a clients worst nightmare. As I've already learned, timing your solutions are of the utmost importance to ensure over processing does not happen.
One blog described how lash perm is the same solution used to perm the hair on your head. It's an extremely strong solution and has the potential to cause damage to the eyes. Ladies who suffered frizz or over curled lashes complained of the perming solution being left on lashes longer than required and/or lash artists who did not properly place solution on lash during treatment.

Many women I read about who had negative experiences chose to either wait a few months before having the mistake corrected by conditioning treatments, while others who could not wait completed a Keratin lash lift which uses Cysteiene. This perming agent slowly raises Ph levels of your lashes to gently open their scales without causing damage. This then allows the Keratine to infuse into the lash further penetrating the hair giving back your lash its strength and hydration.

Misplaced tape of the bottom lashes was another concern during a lash lift and tint. The lash artist didn’t properly place the pad/tape on the bottom lashes which then caused solutions to fall onto bottom lashes. One girl left her treatment with over processed and over curled bottom lashes. She didn’t go back. Another concern with not properly placing the pad/tape caused the bottom and top lashes to become glued together. To ensure these issues do not arise during a service, it’s extremely important to double check your tape and pads to ensure all bottom lashes are covered and not hidden. Especially important to keep an eye out for anagen lashes. They can be extremely small and difficult to see. Ensure you are standing up and double checking after each step to ensure you’re not missing anything of importance within any step of the service.

The last concern I read about included not properly placing the band on the lash line. This can cause a dark line following a lash tint, which does not look good on any client. It can also affect how the lashes are processed making them appear unprocessed in some areas of the lash. The blog suggested double checking your band to ensure it’s properly in place before beginning a service.

During my research of the above discussed blogs, some if not all had similar suggestions on how to avoid such unfortunate experiences when receiving any type of lash/brow service. The suggestions include performing a thorough search of a lash artists prior accreditation’s, experience, reputation and sanitary practices before booking with them to avoid any of the above concerns.

-HofG student 


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