Top 5 Health Concerns in the Lash Industry


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Top 5 Health Concerns in the Lash Industry

To take care of your clients, you must first take care of yourself.  There are some common health concerns as a lash technician, that over time will take a toll on your body.  To take care of your clients there are some self-care options that technicians should imply in their life on the regular to keep themselves healthy and able to work.

Save your sight.  With the precision and focus needed to apply a synthetic lash to your client’s natural lash, you strain your eyes to make sure it is one single lash.  To help with this, there are numerous glasses available that can be of help to you. Some techs just wear simple magnifying glasses, but at House of Glam, there are specific ones available to get the most out of your appointments with your clients.

Save your hands. Doing such repetitive, steady motions with your hands are essential with performing your job.  But, unfortunately, the movements that you are doing can lead to pain, cramps, and even over time, carpal tunnel syndrome.  Using quality, ergonomically correct tools will help lessen this. Look for curved isolation tweezers to eliminate any awkward positions that you might have to get into, make sure your tweezers close and work properly to avoid gripping them too tightly, and finally, watch your technique. When us lash technicians tend to do what is easier, not what is best for our bodies.  Use the client’s forehead to rest your hands and brace your wrists, and make sure that you take breaks between clients to rest.

Don’t be a slouch. Bending over clients for long periods of time won’t do your body any favours either.  With technicians being bent over so long throughout the day, neck and shoulder pain tends to be the most common complaint.  A good, adjustable chair will go a long way with this, a chair that allows you to have your two feet on the floor is the safest position for protecting your muscles and joints, as well as adjusting the back rest to support your back, try to keep forearms parallel to the ground to avoid any abnormal shoulder positions. Also, making sure your table is at a good height so that you are looking out and over, not up and down helps. There are also lash pillows you can purchase that brings the client to an ideal height. After each client, take time to stretch for 5 minutes, holding each stretch for 30 seconds. Yoga on days off can also help with any tightness in the muscles in your body.

Keep your air clean. With cyanoacrylate in adhesives for lash extensions, workplace respiratory conditions can develop such as asthma, coughing and nasal symptoms. Always make sure that you work in a well-ventilated room, that either has a ventilation system or that you can easily open windows and doors, and always wear a mask to stop breathing in toxins from the adhesive.

Don’t stress. Even when you love what you do, stress can be a factor and take an emotional/physical toll on your body. You sometimes have to deal with difficult or negative clients and you sometimes feel that you are absorbing their energy, but always try to be the dominant force of calm and peace in the room and stressed-out people will adjust to you. Always talk about uplifting topics, avoid gossiping and complaining. Sometimes being quiet and letting the client relax for the appointment is all that they need. Time management is also a huge key factor, don’t overwork yourself, you will end up being burnt out in no time.  When you’re not working, take time to do things for yourself that will boost your spirit. Massages, hikes, meditation, yoga, anything that calms you and makes you relax.

With these tips, you can be well on your way to getting the most out of your career for yourself, and for the clients you will have/had.


-- House of Glam Lash Student



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