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At HofG we developed a clear, low-fume, lash adhesive with 0.5-second dry time - the fastest on the market. The adhesive is hypoallergenic and does not contain the carbon black ingredient. This is why we use invisabond for crystallizing. What if we used an adhesive that wasn’t hypo? The interaction between the new adhesive and invisabond could be bad. Hypoallergenic Crystallizing ensures we are using the safest products for our client. 

  • Up to 8 week hold 
  • Thin viscosity
  • Odourless
  • Transparent 
  • RH 20-70% but works best at 40 %
  • Skin irritant so do not make contact with skin 

How to use: Use a pin provided to puncture the nozzle , shake adhesive for 60 seconds , place adhesive in the glue ring, tile or crown, screw the cap on tightly and be sure no residual adhesive. 

The main ingredient in invisabond is Polyacrylate, an important class of polymers that are soft, flexible and can be rubbery. They are known for their transparency and carbon free properties. Unlike other lash adhesives, invisabond can maintain tough impacts while also retaining the bond.. Polyacrylate can be more resistant to heat than other adhesives - as it does not debond as easily as some.  

Adhesive is absolutely everything! Adhesive will not work properly without optimum conditions.

There are two very important variables that can influence the adhesive. What are they?

Temperature & Humidity 

If you do not have a thermo-hygrometer how are you supposed to ensure your work space is optimum? You can’t. Prior to client applications or crystallizing activity you should always check the thermo-hygrometer to ensure you’re not wasting your time. If your bond isn’t strong you’ll end up having to re-do clients who lose their lashes, or re-make the fans that closed in the storage container. Yuck. No one wants to create more work for themselves.

We highly recommend keeping your environment controlled! You can pick up a thermo-hygrometer today!

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