The Common Denominator


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The Common Denominator

How many training sessions have you attended where you felt completely zoned out? How often did you find yourself falling asleep reading the theory-based educational program? When I reflect on times where I enrolled in a program to advance myself, I recognize one common denominator: the educator. To what extent does an educator influence your interest and retention in the material being taught?

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Sure, most often you enrol in a course because of a personal interest or at least for some form of a personal gain. However, not every advancement goes as planned; maybe you felt too inexperienced, or found self doubt. But what I truly recognized was the ability of an Educator to greatly influence my thought, my behaviour, and my future decisions. 

I am, without a doubt, a Type A personality. I consider myself to be a strong-minded, self-motivated, independent woman. Not to toot my own horn, but I am not easily influenced by my peers, family members, or even my industry friends. Educators play a completely different role in our lives - their main purpose is to influence YOU! 

When it comes to investing your own hard working money into your education - shouldn’t you receive the best education? I’ve attended expensive seminars where the speaker, or educator made me want to crawl under the chair and go to sleep - I was the furthest thing from engaged. 

What makes a good educator? What type of personal advancement is actually going to impact your life, or encourage you to make decisions that help you achieve personal growth? 

The answer is: PASSION.

Passion is a strong emotion, a powerful desire, and it drives people to achieve certain goals, regardless of how possible or difficult it may be. When an educator feels passionate about a subject, you will most likely be moved by their enthusiasm, hoping to someday feel intensely as they do, and more than anything, you become motivated to apply your knowledge. 

When you are searching for a lash course, lash school, or lash training academy, you should take the time to do your own research; ensure the training academy is reputable, look for information on your educators' background & ensure your values correspond with theirs. If they haven’t publicly expressed their values - don’t waste your time! Quality over quantity, embracing your artistry, be innovative, always remember to act professionally, further education is KEY, and a strong focus on Health & Safety are our main core values. These values are a huge part of what has made us successful today as not only a beauty studio, but as an education centre. 

house of glam lash extension training

XO Dianna

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