Should I purchase anti-blue light glasses?


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Should I purchase anti-blue light glasses?

We live in a world so dependent on technology that we often forget to take a step back to think about the damage it's causing. 

The majority of people spend, ON AVERAGE, 6+ hours a day exposed to blue light. 

You’ve most likely heard of blue light by now. If you haven’t, let me tell you a little about it:

Blue light is emitted through our devices including computers, tvs, cellphone, tablets and all kinds of fun electronic equipment - even the sunshine! 

Yes, it comes in two forms: sun and man-made. 

Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum, has the shortest wavelengths and highest energy. 

Blue light has many positive functions such as elevating mood, boosting alertness, improves memory and cognitive function. Inadequate exposure to blue light and over-exposure to blue light both have negative effects so we need to find that balance. 

Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum, has the shortest wavelengths and highest energy. Wavelengths are beneficial during the day time because of the boost in attention, mood and reaction time - blue light truly makes us more alert.

You’ve heard of circadian rhythm, right? It’s your body's natural wake and sleep cycle (your body is your own alarm clock). When it comes to sleep, blue light can disrupt sleep patterns due to interference with melatonin production. Blue light suppresses melatonin twice as long as green light and can shift our circadian rhythms significantly. 

Well, we need to balance the amount of blue light that our retinal cells are exposed to because if we expose ourselves to too much it can cause headaches, eyestrains,  mental and physical health problems.  Prolonged exposure to blue light contributes to macular degeneration which can lead to vision loss.

Point being, we need to limit the amount of blue light we are exposed to. The best way to do this is to not use blue light emitting products, but that’s hardly an option in 2021. We are incredibly dependent on electronics. 
So what can you do to protect your eyes? 

*Use a red light in the evening 
*Follow the 20-20-20 rule 
*Control lightening on your devices and use anti-blue light blocking systems 
*Keep your phone, laptop, ipad, all of it out of your room and read a book or meditate. 
*Use anti-blue light tools and equipment to minimize exposure 
*Enjoy natural bright light during the day, it will help you sleep better and prepare your body for a great day ahead
*Encourage the little humans to take care of their vision at a young age - they learn from us. 
*Make sure your eyes are tested regularly by your optometrist 
Purchase a pair of sassy ANTI-BLUE LIGHT GLASSES - 30% off this week. We have various styles for everyone, including little humans! 

Also, just a reminder for all of you beauty professionals who spend their time taking care of other people. It’s time to take care of YOU! <3 



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