Shining Light on Mental Health and the Beauty Industry


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Shining Light on Mental Health and the Beauty Industry

Many people spend years blaming the beauty industry for presenting unrealistic images of both women and men. I acknowledge that this high standard of beauty can impact mental health in a negative way, however I need to shine light on the POSITIVE effects that the beauty industry can have on someone's mental well-being.

Self-care is how one looks after oneself. This has a MAJOR correlation with mental health. If you are not taking care of YOU - you will more than likely feel depressed, lose confidence, be unmotivated, won't socialize, etc. Taking care of yourself feels good!!! Whether it is getting a pedicure, a new face serum, a lash fill, or a new lipstick, these small things are telling yourself that you're worth it!

I engage with women every day. My favourite part of being a lash artist is building relationships with clients and hearing their stories. I see some clients more than my family or friends. People open up to me during their appointments which can be a form of "therapy" for my clients. Not only do clients unwind during appointments, they are getting a service that improves the way they feel about themselves. I have had clients tell me that with lash extensions and a little lipstick they feel like they can take on the world as well as gain confidence in social situations. Clients have told me they look younger and less tired which has a positive effect on their mental health.

So if something as simple as lashes or lipstick can improve the way someone thinks about themself - YES the beauty industry can have positive effects on mental health. You are taking care of you which in turn make you FEEL beautiful.. And I think everyone has that desire to feel beautiful <3 

- Kristie






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