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Product Development at House of Glam Studios

Product Development at House of Glam Studios

We get lots of questions about our products, from customers, clients - and just interested human beings. Here are some common questions and my answers! 

How did HofG’s product line start?

It started years before House of Glam was ever established. I’ve always been interested in learning about the ingredients found in cosmetic products. In fact, the first book that really captured my interest was “There’s Lead in Your Lipstick” written by Gillian Deacon. I’m pretty sure I’ve read it over 10 times or more. I’ve always reviewed the ingredients of every lash product, trying to determine what ingredients made one better than the other, with various factors to consider of course. In university, chemistry and toxicology intrigued me and I began conducting experiments and spending lots of time researching material and most importantly, I started to apply my knowledge. 

Where does HofG get products?

House of Glam’s product line consists of domestic and imported materials from all over the world. We work with manufacturers in Europe, Asia and North America to develop safe, reliable and affordable products, especially here on the island. 

Why did HofG develop a product line?

We recognized a significant gap between demand and supply so we decided to act on it. The need for innovative and premium quality beauty products was obvious and we had the experience, knowledge and resources to make it happen - so we did!

What products are you planning next?
We have lots of plans!! Always lots of plans. But, we’ve created, and are following a highly regimented plan to ensure we continue to provide products and services that customers and clients want!

 We intend to continue growing our line through safe, high quality and innovative products.

We also have something really exciting and different to launch! 

Ooooooooo ;)

If you’ve used our products please provide a review on our website under the product. We truly appreciate it 


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