Perfecting lash length, curl and diameter transitions


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Perfecting lash length, curl and diameter transitions
Perfecting lash length, curl and diameter transitions

Transitioning eyelash extensions throughout a full set can be complicated, especially if you’ve had no guidance. Let us help you so your lash lengths, curls and diameters flow together nice and neat!

Deepening on what style of lashes you are going with the steps will be different. But once you play around with transitions for one set, the other sets become more natural for you.
(client picture/before)

For this set we used: 
ALL professional volume lashes in 0.05 -because we are all about that wrapping technique

(professional volume lashes 0.05 C/D)

Lengths 10-14 * sometimes longer inner lengths can be a lot of fun but you need to make sure you use the inverse calculator for length + diameter so you don’t add too much weight*

C+D curls because C curl gives that sultry look on the outside corners and D can help lift up the inside lashes.

Dimensions? 2D-4D-6D handmade fans! The mixture of different fan dimensions make the set dramatic in areas where enhancement is required. Also, inside lashes tend to be thinner than lashes in the middle.

Tools? The incredible angled pick up tweezer for both isolation and application.

(angled pick up tweezer)

Because the angled tweezer is amazing at keeping those thick lashes isolated and allowing you to place the synthetic lash perfectly.
Liquids include the infamous diamond diamond duo!

(HP, DA, DS)

<3 HydroPRIME for life.

Fan the eyes to prevent any irritation (which did not occur)

+ voila - a smile on both of our faces! :)

Follow these steps below:

Details: Inside corner 2D 0.05 D (10, 11), followed by 4D 0.05 D curl (12), 4D 0.05 C curl (12, 13) ,  then 6D 0.05 C curl (14) , then 4D 0.05 C curl (13, 12, 11)
Inside - 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 13, 12, 11

1. Started with 14 mm 0.05 6D (this allows for the longest part to be the thickest/fullest and enhance that cat eye look) 
eyelash training
  1. Moved on to 13 mm 0.05 C 4D with gradual transition into 12 mm C curl 4D. .

    kitten eye
    How do you gradually transition lash lengths?
    Ex: 13, 13C, 12C, 13C, 12C, 13C, 12C, 12C, 12D, 12C, 12D, 12C, 12D, 12D (theses are the curls)

    eyelash extensions
    3. So we finished 6D at the longest area and 4D at the next longest area and now we want to transition to 2D at the shortest area. 

    Ex: 12D, 11D, 12D, 11D, 11D, 11D, 10D, 10D  
    (these are the curls) 

    4. Now here’s a trick: to create this sultry kitten eye you’ll need to place the inside lashes on and angle towards the outside corners so that “horizon” is not what you’re trying to achieve. All of the lashes should be turned towards the outside.

    5. Let’s go back to the 14mm 6D C curl (the longest point) and now focus on the outside lashes. This is where you need to make a drastic decline to give the appearance of a cat eye, even though it’s a kitten eye. 

WHY not just do a cat eye?
Most people have shorter lashes on the ends and a longer length won’t last as long.. In fact, it can put strain on the lashes and cause them to drop down or fall out prematurely. This technique gives the illusion of a cat eye and allows for superb retention! 
Ex: 14mm (thickest area with 6D C curl), then 13 mm, 13 mm, 12 mm, 11 mm (and continue with 11 mm until you have 100% coverage).

mapping lash extensions

Styled by  diannamarie_d  + chaotic.beauty_

Let us know what you think! Comment below! 



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