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One Lash at a Time
Today I am talking to you about SPEED and QUALITY. Often you will hear that one person is faster than another, but is speed the most important element of lashing? These three factors below are essential to lash quality:

1. ADHESIVE DRY TIME - Some adhesives dry faster than others. If the adhesive does not dry as fast as you are lashing, the lashes will stick together compromising your work and your clients' lash health.

2. ISOLATION - If you are moving quicker than you can isolate, more than 1 natural lash will end up being bonded together, especially with a slower-drying adhesive.

3. COVERAGE - If you are skipping over lashes and not lashing every lash, your set is not completely full!

Only AFTER you have MASTERED these three factors should you work on speed but before that.. speed should not be your priority! Quality work > Quick work!

Happy Lashing, GLAM DOLLS xx

Co-Owner House of Glam | Master Lash Artist

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