Lets talk lash lifts with J-GLO Beauty!


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Lets talk lash lifts with J-GLO Beauty!

There are millions of different makeup and beauty products in stores or online these days. Ask a woman what one beauty product she cannot live without. She will most likely say mascara. Women want long, curly, and thick eyelashes to enhance the appearance of their eyes, and mascara used to just be the answer. Well, now there is more, lash lift and tint is the answer!

Who doesn’t love to wake up everyday and just be able to walk out the door. No more spending 30 minutes in the bathroom getting ready for your day because there is no upkeep with an eyelash lift and tint after the procedure. An eyelash lift is a semi-permanent procedure that lifts and curls your lashes and keeps them curled for 6-10 weeks depending on the client. A tint that can be done at the same time as a lift all in one session essential dyes your natural lashes the color of your choice.

“A lash lift will help make those clients’ lashes appear more visible, while also creating a visible frame around the eyes to help enhance their natural beauty”, said Alyssa Montemurro. This would be a great service to add to the salon because in a woman's busy day to day life cutting out an extra 30 minutes of getting ready in the morning is a striking thought!

Offering lash lift and tints in the salon is not a large investment in products. Everything you need to do a lash lift and tint would cost about $72 for the solutions, $11 for the rods, $15 for a pack of 1000 micro swabs, $7 for tape, $5 for 100 eyelash brushes, $18 large bottle of highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide, and a fan for $17. The total of everything would be around $145, and with this amount of product you could do over or around 35-40 clients.

Profit for the lash tech and salon offering lash lift and tints would be extreme! Local salons pricing for lash lift and tints range from $80-$95 for the procedure. If this salon set their prices at $75 or $80 to be lower than the surrounding salons to bring in more business the profit would be around $2,500. If the salon’s lash tech is paid $25 an hour, the salon would still be making $1,780 in profit for offering the lash lift and tint if they had 35 clients.

A lash lift and tint is also a great alternative for clients who are not interested or who cannot get eyelash extensions. The Trend Spotter said, “Most women notice their eyes look more open, brighter, younger, and more ‘awake’ following their lash lift.” This is exactly the look that most women are going for when using makeup products, and there is no application or upkeep needed with lash lift and tints.

I think offering the lash lift and tint service in this salon would be a great service to start offering to our clients. Another pro is that we already have clients coming in for other services, we can offer them 10% off of their first lash lift and tint procedure to get the world out in the community that we are offering it. The salon can also post on social media about the new and upcoming service that is going to be offered to get the word out to women all over so people start booking with us!!


- By HofG Student Jaiden Frahm <3 


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