Lashing: Temperature + Humidity

Lashing: Temperature + Humidity


Most eyelash extension adhesives contain a vital ingredient called CYANOACRYLATE. Cyanoacrylates are a family of STRONG fast acting acrylic resins that polymerize in the presence of hydrogen. Without taking you back to first-year chemistry, lash extension applications require a Cure Mister to provide the adhesive with enough moisture to form a strong bond. This bond ensures that the synthetic and natural lashes are secured or super-glued with minimum influence from environmental factors, and conjoined until the growth cycle comes to an end. When cyanoacrylate cures (and degrades) varying concentrations of formaldehyde are released. Therefore, using the CURE MISTER during the application process will reduce unnecessary exposure to harmful gases. Cyanoacrylates are skin, eye, and upper respiratory tract irritants - and a known allergen. Once the adhesive is cured it becomes non-irritating and non-allergenic.


  • Use cure mister every 20 minutes to minimize eye irritation while clients eyes are completely closed. This will help prevent red eyes. (HofG20)
  • Purchase good quality adhesives to ensure low formaldehyde concentrations are present. The adhesive should also be thrown away after one month of being opened.
  • Apply lashes in a well-ventilated area and use a N95 carbon filter mask. Always use personal protective equipment (PPE) when engineering controls cannot eliminate the risk.
  • Use a handheld fan periodically to remove vapors that may irritate the eyes. When your clients eyes are closed for long periods of time, their eyes become more sensitive. Using a handheld fan will help alleviate any irritation.
  • Use long-chain cyanoacrylates on sensitive clients to minimize toxicity. Short-chain cyanoacrylates degrade quickly and produce more toxins. Using adhesives with a long polymer chain are safer for use.
  • Every 20 minutes change out adhesive that has been exposed to the atmosphere (HofG20)


House of Glam’s adhesives will dry in the presence of oxygen and cure through moisture found in the air - or application of Cure Mister.


Every adhesive has a temperature and humidity range that works well. Rock & Invisabond work at room temperature and between 20-70% humidity. The optimum humidity is 40%. When there is too much moisture present, the adhesive will cure too fast; therefore, a dehumidifier is required. In the winter time when the air becomes dry, we tend to have very little moisture in the air and a humidifier may be needed.

Think about the humidity in your province? How is this going to affect you?

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