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Lashing Mature Clients

Here in North America we have an aging population. As we get older our body changes, skin becomes more sensitive and hair (eyelashes too) begin to fall out and more.

Most salons and lash artists advertise or market towards 20 to 30 year olds and miss out on a huge opportunity to service mature clients.

When it comes to lashing clients over 50 years of age it requires a little planning. 

We now have a bundle that we put together with mature clients in mind! It has everything you need to service any client that walks through your doors. You can purchase the Mature Client Bundle here:


1. Prepare your workspace for your client. Keep in mind mature clients may get cold easily, or may have hot flashes. Make sure you can help make them more comfortable whether it's an air conditioner, a cozy blanket or a fan. Have options. Your clients will appreciate this. 

  1. Take the time to read through the consent form and ask your client if they have any questions. You should be doing this with every client regardless but pay extra attention to mature clients.


  1. Prep your clients lashes using HydroPrime. This will minimize skin irritation and treat your clients' lashes prior to applying adhesive. Due to HydroPrimes ability to add moisture to the lash, as it penetrates through the cortex, it helps secure a strong bond in a shorter amount of time.


  1. TAPE is a must. Use tape to adjust the position of the skin to allow easier access to the clients lash. When we age the skin around our eyes lose elasticity making it harder to work with. You should always use tape to lift up the skin so you can see that perfect lash line. Don’t start until you have the eyes taped up right. 


  1. Again, tape helps in many ways. As we age skin becomes much more sensitive to primers, adhesives, and other products. When it comes to the PLACEMENT of synthetic lash you should keep an extra mm, so 2 mm away from the eyelid. Remember when you let the tape go the skin may make contact with the adhesive and cause irritation so - stay back a bit. 

  1. Assess the diameter or thickness of the lashes. You’ll notice they are much thinner than younger clients. 0.10 - 0.15 for 1:1 ratio and in some cases it may even be 0.07 depending on the lash. Gaps are another inconvenience. This is one of the many reasons we suggest making 2-3D fans to hide any gaps and create a full look. Plus, handmade volume fans when done right can actually be safer than classic due to the bridging effect. 

  1. What about going grey? It happens. Our head hair, body hair and those lashes and brows begin to lose melanin (the pigment that gives hair its colour) which means as your mature client is transitioning you may notice the roots of lashes are becoming lighter. That dark lash line becomes more and more difficult to achieve. So apply the lashes underneath and use a bottom layer for really short lashes. Decrease length and increase diameter.

  1. Curls? C is the most popular, especially if the client intends on getting a fill. L+ can be great for a one time use but it is challenging to fill on older clients. Length? Keep them the same length or 1-2 mm longer, nothing more.

  2. Skin becomes more sensitive and EYES too. Use a hand fan. We recommend having an electric hand fan for your client, as well as, cureMR to alleviate any irritation. 



  1. Mature clients are all over social media. It isn’t just for teenagers and young adults. Reach out to your clients and ask them for reviews. Give them your cards to give to their friends. If you want to specialize in mature client lashes then create a FB ad or promote a picture and target 50+ women who may be interested in lash services.





The more education you receive the better you’ll be in the area of lashes. Troubleshooting can be a major issue for lash artists and we are often taught that in time as we gain more experience we have a better idea of what to do and what not to do. However, we believe getting the right education and continuous education will help you become more successful in a shorter period of time.

So go ahead!

Play around with 50+ clients and take these tips we gave - feel free to tag us in any post.


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