Lash Singeing - Is this a real thing?


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Lash Singeing - Is this a real thing?

Yes it is a real thing! Synthetic lashes will singe when exposed to extreme heat. 

What is singeing?

To lightly burn hair or fibres

How do you know your client singed their lashes? 

They will be bent at the tip, fused together, or look burnt at the tips. 

How do you fix them?

You can’t! You must remove all of the singed lashes and replace them with new ones.

Tell your clients how to prevent lash singeing: 

  1. Do not put your head in the oven 
  2. Turn your head when first opening the oven door
  3. Don't get too close to camp fires
  4. Keep your distance when using the BBQ. Use long tools so you do not have to stand right over it. 
  5. Don’t use a lighter or match near your face.

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