Lash Lift Gone Wrong and How to Prevent it


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Lash Lift Gone Wrong and How to Prevent it


For my assignment I have decided to dig deep into blogs that focus on clients who have had a lash lift that went wrong, and ways that I would prevent it based on the things I have learned throughout my course thus far and things I would do differently if this person had been a client of mine.

While doing some research I came across a blog belonged to a girl named Kate. As many people who have not had a Lash Lift and Tint, the idea of being able to ditch the lash curler and mascara to have lashes that are already bold, long, and beautiful as soon as you wake up is a no brainer. She had googled some local salons in her area that offered the Lash Lift and Tint service and came across one that she finally took the leap and decided to book an appointment with. 

As it came to the day of her appointment, Kate had made sure that she did not wear her contact lenses to the appointment and chose to wear her glasses instead. Which she made the right call, as we know contact lenses are a big no when getting a Lash Lift and Tint treatment done, as the fumes can get trapped under the lenses and cause burns and irritation to the eye which can lead to significant damage. As I read on through the article, Kate had made this call on her own. The lash technician did not reach out to her prior to the appointment letting her know that if she did wear contacts, that she would need to have them out while the service was being done. You should always communicate with your client before their appointment to go over anything that you or the client need to be aware of for safety reasons. If this had been a client of mine, I would have reviewed the prerequisites with her before her appointment so she was made aware and would be prepared to wear glasses the day of, or to bring a contact lens case to store their lenses.

Kate shows up for her appointment and as any client would for their first time receiving a treatment of any kind, they would ask questions on what to expect or any concerns they may have regarding the service. Kate had asked “What happens if my lashes turn out too curly?” The lash technician proceeded to tell her “You just have to wait until they relax”. This was not the appropriate reply to give Kate. If Kate were my client and she had addressed this concern with me, I would have let her know that if by any chance the lashes do for any reason become more permed and curled more than expected and they need to be relaxed, that she could come back in 2–3-weeks time depending on the overall health of their lashes, I then could proceed to reverse the lift to relax the lashes. I would explain to her the steps I would take to reverse the lift. To reverse a Lash Lift and Tint for a client, you use the perming solution, but this time you dip a disposable lash brush into the solution and then begin to comb through the lashes. After the perming solution, you remove all the perming solution and then proceed with your setting solution to close the hair follicle.

So, Kate proceeds with the appointment and finishes getting her lashes done. Once her lashes are done, Kate looks in the mirror and is speechless about how her lashes turned out. She thought they were beautiful and was happy with the result. What was alarming to me in this part of the article is that Kate had left the salon and realized the technician did not go over any aftercare with her whatsoever and had to take it upon herself to walk back in to ask questions regarding this. So, Kate went back in and asked the lash technician if there were any aftercare steps she should be aware of. The lash technician told her there were no restrictions and she could proceed as normal. Which was also the wrong answer to answer Kate with. There are quite a few aftercare steps and restrictions after a Lash Lift and Tint for at least 24 hours. If Kate were my client, I would have made sure to go over the aftercare instructions with her. I would have made sure after the appointment before she had left that she cannot get her lashes wet for 24 hours, no mascara or eyeliner for 24 hours, avoid swimming for 24 hours, no rubbing of the eyes for 24 hours, and that the use of saunas or steam is restricted for 24 hours also. I would also recommend that after the 24 hours the use of a lash growth enhancement serum or product to help keep her lashes healthy and strong. You should never allow your client to leave an appointment without going over the guidelines of things that should be avoided for an amount of time after the treatment. There are aftercare steps so your perm lasts! The curl will fall a lot sooner and the perm will loosen. If you take care of your lashes the right way after the treatment, your results should last anywhere from 6-10 weeks depending on the persons lash cycle.

Kate leaves the salon and heads home; she notices that her lashes felt wet on the ride home. By the time she had arrived home her lashes had dried significantly and were also much curlier than they were when she had left the salon, meaning they probably had gone through being over permed like her concern was when she addressed the question previously at the salon. She also mentions that she starts to notice that her bottom lashes are starting to crimp upwards. Kate states this is odd because she claims her bottom lashes were covered the whole time. Reading this part of the article raised a lot of red flags for me. The fact her lashes were explained as super wet when she left was alarming. What I gathered from this is that the lash technician probably did not remove all the solutions completely from the lashes. You must make sure that before proceeding onto the next step, that you have removed the current solution you are using properly. And the fact she not only had not possibly removed the solutions properly, but she probably did not brush through the lashes after the treatment to make sure they were separated or fan the eyes once complete also. This issue has now left Kate with her bottom lashes being affected by the proper steps not being taken by the lash technician who performed the Lash Lift and Tint. I would have followed all steps thoroughly making sure the clients bottom lashes were securely covered before starting my treatment, making sure I removed all solutions properly before proceeding onto the next, and making sure I brushed through the lashes thoroughly when complete, as well as fanning my client’s eyes at the end. Every step throughout the Lash Lift and Tint must be done exactly right. Any step not done properly leaves room for error and potential risk to your client.

After some time, Kate also starts to notice her eyes have become swollen and eyes have become red and irritated. It seems Kate is now having a reaction to the Lash Lift and Tint. It turns out that Kate suffers from chronic dry eyes, but since her lash technician did not go over contraindications that would interfere or prevent Kate from receiving a Lash Lift and Tint, she had no idea she would of ran into complications of a reaction due to this. If Kate had of been my client, I would have gone over a list of contraindications with her so she could have been aware that due to having chronic dry eyes, the solutions that are being used (specifically the perming solution) would cause discomfort and amplify this issue and would not make her a good candidate for a Lash Lift and Tint. Not only did Kate’s lashes not turn out how she had expected, she states the technician also had left residue on her lids and her eyebrows. As a lash technician it is important that you clean up the eye area of any residue that is left on your client from the treatment.

If Kate had been my client, I would have gone about things differently in so many ways to prevent Kate from having the experience that she had with a Lash Lift and Tint. As soon as Kate would have booked her appointment with me, I would have gone over contraindications from the beginning so she could have avoided having the reaction she did from the Lash Lift and Tint. The fact she has chronic dry eyes would have been a good indication to me that I would not want to put her at risk for any further issues. It is important to go over these contraindications with your clients because you need to put their safety first. They will always appreciate your honesty and knowledge for making their safety your main priority. You never want to cause significant damage to someone’s eyes or overall health. Always make sure they are a good candidate for the service before proceeding.

Reading through this article gave me a lot of insight on the bad experiences people run into when they have Lash Lift and Tints done that are not done correctly. It also helped me realize how I would utilize the things I have learned throughout this course thus far, and how I would approach things diligently. You want your clients experience to always be an enjoyable, relaxing, and safe one. This article showed me that not all lash technicians take the proper steps to make sure their client’s safety is the most important, and your safety as a lash technician also.


Below are a few examples of what I would do:

  • Make sure to gather as much information about your clients as possible to help learn about any possible health concerns or risks. Also be aware of their eyelash health and condition (if it is safe to go through with service)
  • Always go over contraindications with your clients! I cannot stress this enough how important this is.  
  • Always proceed to do a patch test on your clients 48 hours prior to the appointment to make sure they are not allergic to the ingredients being used.
  • Make sure you give your clients knowledgeable feedback on questions and concerns they ask.
  • Make sure you are sanitizing/sterilizing your tools and workspace, and you store your tools in a sanitary space. (Always sanitize/sterilize before and after each client/use).
  • Always make sure you make them aware of aftercare restrictions and steps. Things they cannot do for the first 24 hours after treatment. 
  • Recommend they use an eyelash growth enhancement product to help keep their lashes thick and healthy. 
  • Have your client read through and sign your consent/liability form. 

Below is the link to the blog I used for this assignment for reference.


- House of Glam Student <3 



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