Is Lash Glue harmful?


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Is Lash Glue harmful?

Can lash glue have cancer causing ingredients or be bad for you?

This is a great question!

All adhesives are formulated differently (like a recipe) and contain raw (untouched) ingredients that range in quality. These adhesives undergo unique manufacturing processes that contribute significantly to the safety of the product.

Adhesives on the market vary in composition, and active ingredients are not intended to result in adverse effects (negative outcomes). However, depending on the ingredient quality (purity), manufacturing processes used to develop it, the chemists' experience, set standards, packaging, shipping, storing and use…  adverse effects may result.

Formaldehyde is a volatile organic compound and a known carcinogenic (cancer causing agent) which is also a by-product in adhesive. This means once the adhesive is opened the stability degrades through oxidation (adhesive reacts with air) and long polymer chains break (hydrolysis) and the molecular weight decreases (enabling skin + mucus membrane penetration). This is why adhesives must be discarded (thrown out) after a period of time.

Now, formaldehyde can be found in preservatives, fertilizers, wood composite and even human beings - that's right! The biggest issue with formaldehyde is the concentration (amount) over a period of time. In low concentrations no adverse effects are found but in higher concentrations and/or long term exposure, the risk may be much higher for you and/or your client.

Let’s break this down a little:

Your client gets a lash fill every 4 weeks but all of a sudden your clients eyes are too itchy, red and irritated to continue on. This may be due to a reaction with the formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is an irritant and is one of the most common reasons why clients develop sensitivities and stop getting lashes.

Let’s talk about you…
Exposure to lash adhesives can cause serious effects, especially high concentrations over a long period of time. How many times have you coughed, sneezed, had respiratory issues, itchy throat and burning eyes?


This is your body reacting to cyanoacrylate exposure.

How do we minimize the risks for your client?

  • Buy safe adhesives 
  • Store them properly (dry, cool place - away from sunlight and upright) 
  • Burp them after use 
  • Mark the date you opened it 
  • Keep the cap screwed on tight 
  • Discard at the right time (ask company) 
  • Use a hydrating primer + sealant

How to minimize risks for you? 

  • Do your research on the company you are buying adhesives from 
  • Read the ingredients on label 
  • Wear glasses (anti-blue light) to help prevent fumes from irritating your eyes 
  • Work in a well ventilated area *(most important) 
  • Wear a mask to protect your nose and throat from other particles
  • Drink plenty of water (flush out toxins)


If you have any questions please contact us at 1-(888)-305-LASH.

We are more than happy to provide advice and answer any questions. 


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