They came, they saw, they conquered... THEY SOLD OUT! No need to worry, we are having a massive restock soon! We have had lots of questions about how to apply our Lashnetics so we are going to break it down for you step by step! We have also included a video of Kirsten applying our "Kaylee" Lashnetics.

Applying the Lashnetics:

1) Gently curl your lashes.

2) Apply mascara. 

3) Take the lashnetics strip out of the box, wiggle the strip to give it more of a curve, and separate the lashes.

4) Using our applicator, tweezers, or your fingers, lay the top strip (the thickest strip) on top of your lashes.

5) Adjust where you’d like to have the lashes sit - we like to pull ours as far to the outer corners as possible!

6) Once your top strip is positioned, get your bottom (thinner strip) ready

7) Slowly bring the bottom strip underneath your natural lash line and line up accurately with the top strip

8) Once close enough, the lash strips will come together and then VOILA!

To Remove the Lashnetics:

1) The top layer of the lashes will far exceed your own - gentle pull with your fingers and they will come off!

2) Use our Lash Detox to cleanse your lashes before you next wear.

3) Put the lashes back in their box until next time! 

We hope you enjoy your Lashnetics! As always, feel free to contact us with any questions!


House of Glam


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