How to keep fans wide open and flawless!


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How to keep fans wide open and flawless!

Would you believe it if I told you that this fan was on a client’s natural lash for over 4 weeks⁉️

YES 😱 This is AFTER I removed it to be replaced by a fresh fan! Before Removal👇🏽

How could this fan still be so perfect? 

  1. THE PINCHING METHOD - This method makes gorgeous fans with super wide tops and tiny bases. 
  1. DIAMOND ADHESIVE + DIAMOND SEALANT (@houseofglamstudios_ ). These 2 products combined are a dream!! The best retention guaranteed.
  1. AFTERCARE - It is clear that this client takes care of her lashes. She uses HofG’s Lash Detox every day to ensure her lashes are squeaky clean. When lashes are dirty the fans close and tend to slide off the natural lash due to the build up of proteins. Lash Detox also helps with clients keeping their lashes on longer!

With proper application, products and aftercare eyelash extensions are not damaging, they should not hurt, and clients should be coming back after 3-4 weeks with 50%+ of their lash extensions remaining. 

If you have any lash related questions don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Kristie 🤍



  • Diamond sealant has made such a difference in my sets!! Clean lashes = happy lashes. Love this info!

    Carly ward

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