How to Get the MOST out of your Lash Appointment

How to Get the MOST out of your Lash Appointment

If you’re paying for a service (especially a pricey one) you need to know how to get the most out of it.

Professional eyelash extensions can be time consuming. It involves a thorough understanding of the science and the ability to perform the art. If you’d like to get the results you want here is some advice:

First of all find a reputable lash artist, not some funky chicken charging $20 for a set. That’s a terrifying notion. Even a NEW lash artist with proper training should be charging a decent price, if they received proper training that is.

Book your appointment, read any policies in place and sign your liability waiver/consent form before arriving.

Arrive early. If your appointment is for 11 AM, arrive 10:50. As a client, your time is also valuable. Let the Lash Artist (LA) know you are ready and waiting.

If you have no idea what you want, or even if you have some kind of an idea, browse the internet and show your LA a picture of what you want. They will be able to let you know if it is possible for you to achieve. Lash extensions have an incredible amount of options and it can get overwhelming, especially if it's all new to you. Bring some pictures for reference.

Don’t drink coffee, or anything with caffeine. Eat something before coming, lash appointments can take time. No chewing gum.

Remove eye makeup, contacts and don’t book an appointment if you had lasik in the last 3 months. 

Wear a mask and maintain good personal hygiene, such as brushing your teeth or having a mint. Masks tend to cause your breath to flow up the masks and present your LA with whatever you just ate. Try to be mindful of this :)

Sanitize your hands. Use the bathroom. Wash your hands. Maintain physical distance from other clients when moving around throughout the studio.

RELAX. This Is your time to zone out so get your cozy blanket, headphones, turn on a podcast or some chill tunes. Maybe even fall asleep and wake up looking fab!



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