Starting April 7th, 2021, HofG will be hosting monthly webinars with Master Lash Artist's and Owner's of House of Glam, Kristie + Dianna. 
Webinars will be taking place on the first Wednesday of every month @ 2:30 PM NDT/ 1 PM EST/ 9 AM PST. 

House of Glam (HofG) is well known in the beauty industry for having reputable, science-backed training programs developed by professionals. Both owners decided to give back to the community by hosting live webinars on specific topics for free. However, space is limited so you should book in advance to secure your spot. 

Every month HofG will cover one or more topics (examples are listed below) based on their experience and education. 

This will be a fantastic opportunity to network with other lash artists around the globe. Individuals who sign up have the opportunity to ask questions directly! You can go on webcam or remain off camera, but we ask all participants to mute their microphone during presentations.

Topics may include:

  • What ingredients to look for in products
  • New trends
  • New products
  • Research
  • Lash styling
  • Marketing + branding your business
  • Efficiency
  • Client retention
  • Becoming a lash trainer
  • How to start your own beauty business
  • Lessons learned in first year of business
  • Creating your own product line
  • Bottom lashes
  • Coloured lashes
  • Varieties of lashes
  • Where the beauty industry is heading
  • Lash artistry
  • Awards - Lash artist of the year
  • Everything we wish we knew in the beginning


    As a bonus, HofG will give a one-time promo code for one or more of their products or training related to the topic. 

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