Eye Shapes & the Best Lash Extension Styles



Eye Shapes & the Best Lash Extension Styles

Every time we have a new client come in, we ask them if there is any particular style they’re hoping to achieve with their extensions. Based on what they say, we do a lash assessment and decide whether they are a good candidate for the desired style. If not, we recommend a lash style based on their eye shape.

First, let’s describe some of the main lash extension styles that we use at House of Glam.

  • Natural Eye: This follows the lengths and shape of your natural lash line.

  • Open Eye: This style is when the longest lashes are applied to the center of the lash line, longest above the pupil.

  • Cat Eye: Longest lashes are applied to the ends of the eye to give a cat-like effect, this is one of the most requested lash styles but unfortunately not all lashes can handle it.

  • Kitten Eye: Very similar to cat eye, but has a tiny section on the outer corner that is one length shorter than the longest lengths. We do this sometimes when a client requests a cat eye, but their lashes cannot handle a true cat eye.

  • Doll Eye: The Doll Eye style starts has the longest lengths in the middle which continue to the outer part of the eye, leaving a small section on the most outer corner for a shorter length.

Now we can get into which of these lash styles are the best for each eye shape.

  • Almond Eyes: These are the most common eye shape. They are able to have any style applied to them and it will look flattering.

  • Close-set Eyes: It’s best to apply a cat eye style to these eyes to draw the eyes further apart.

  • Wide-set Eyes: An open eye style would look best on this eye shape. If you try to do cat eye or kitten, you can make the eyes look even further apart.

  • Round Eyes: Cat or Kitten eye would be best for this eye shape - placing longest lashes in the middle of the eye (open eye) would just make the eyes appear to protrude more.

  • Monolid Eyes: A cat eye with a very soft curl would work the best on this eye shape.


  • Hooded Eyes: An open eye or doll eye style would be the most flattering for this eye shape. The choice between those two styles would depend on how close-set the eyes are.

  • Protruding Eyes: A soft curl with an overall natural look. The exact style you choose will depend on how close-set the eyes are.

These of course are not all of the eye shapes, but they are what we see the most. No matter what eye shape you have, your lash artist can always find a style that will suit you best.


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