Drowning in paperwork?

Drowning in paperwork?

Hello current and future business owners

I have a trick for YOU! If you are already in business then you get it… Paperwork.. PUKE. The not so glamorous side of running a business nor is it what you pictured yourself doing at midnight on a friday night because it is tax time and paperwork is ALWAYS out on the back burner. BUT IT IS SO SO IMPORTANT! OK. So now you are drowning in it and you promise yourself, “I WILL BE MORE ORGANIZED”. Butttttt of course sales, website design, social media, talking to clients and customers, new products, whatever the case may be… all of these things come first! Then.. BAM it is tax time. OMG not again! Already? How! You put your head in your hands knowing that you made a promise to yourself that you would take a few hours a week out of your VERY BUSY schedule to devote to paperwork anddd you DID NOT..  AGAIN. 

I want to share with you my saviour. It is called DEXT (Receipt Bank). You can send receipts directly from your email AND you can take pictures of receipts directly in their app. No this is not a paid ad. I just want to share what works for me! 

Stop drowning.

Get DEXT.. You will thank me later! 

Xo Kristie

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