Crystallized Fans - Why are they better?


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Crystallized Fans - Why are they better?

Do you hand make your fans, use crystallized fans, or play around with both?

When I first started lashing, we were trained to apply only 1 synthetic lash to 1 natural lash - boy, have things changed! 

This whole concept was derived from lash artists applying cluster lashes to the natural lash using an extremely strong professional adhesive.

Scary stuff, right? 

What was the issue? 

  • Too much adhesive on fan
  • Big bases 
  • Too heavy 
  • Professional adhesive 
  • Serious damage 
  • No isolation 
  • Sticking together 
  • Ripping out natural lashes

Then came something magical 


Lash artists created hand made fans using 2-4 synthetic lashes and placed them on the natural lash.


Yes, the wrapping technique.

Think of a hot dog and the bun. If you had a flat piece of bread and laid a hot dog on it, it wouldn't be secure. But what if you placed the hot dog in a bun?

So many more points of contact! So much more secure.  Am I right, or am I right?

And we are going to throw another simile in there

Let’s back it up to the hot dog and bun, but let’s also include ketchup

* reader is thinking, these chicks are crazy *

Stay with us people.

Adhesive: Ketchup 

  • If you use too much ketchup it will get messy and soggy 
  • If you use too much adhesive it’ll make a mess, sticking to the adjacent lashes 
  • If you don’t use enough ketchup your hot dog is going to be dry and not satisfy you 
  • If you don’t use enough adhesive you won’t achieve the desired results (RETENTION) 

Point being, using the right amount of a substance, over a specific area will express the desired outcome.

Let’s go back to the real world now and explain it using lashology! 

When you use 4 small diameter lashes, dip it in the adhesive, the adhesive will make contact with all 4 synthetic lash bases, the connection will be stronger due to the 4 points of contact. Unlike using a classic lash where it’s 1 point of contact.

We don’t need an engineering degree to understand that concept.

You with me? 

Alright, let’s move on. 

Flat lashes then made an appearance. The whole idea of round lashes vs flat lashes has everything to do with surface area, but let’s save that for another day. 

Next on the scene came PREMADE LASHES.

These guys tried to take the place of hand made volume but never came close.

They were very similar to cluster lashes except manufacturers tried to make the bases a little smaller. Long story short, they were awful so the industry needed a change. These are machine-made.

Out came PROMODE lashes.

This meant they were made with safety in mind. Lash companies realized there was a demand for safer premade lashes so they worked with manufacturers to try to make short stem and long stem fans. However, PROMADE fans have such variations in width - some of them are way too thick for even the most gorgeous lashes. These were also machine-made!

Look at the industry! Making changes for consumer demands! Killin’ it.

But there was still something missin’. 

Consistency, expectation, standard - just to name a few

Before we jump into the really exciting stuff, let’s talk about professional lash artists crystallizing their fans.

House of Glam has an entire course devoted to teaching professional lash artists how to make their own fans and store them for future use.

One of the many reasons we created this course:

  • Hand made fans save consumers a lot of money 
  • It takes time but once you get it, you get it. 
  • The difference between purchasing fans and making your own are significant. 
  • The ART of hand making = passion 
  • Zen 
  • Don’t give up 

However, we knew not every lash artist would be interested in making their own fans; some people would buy promade lashes and use those. Which is fine, but we wanted to create some kind of consistency, expectation and STANDARD!

So, this is what we did: 

We spent countless hours, in fact, 2 full years, working with our manufacturer to teach  them how to crystallize fans. I can’t even begin to tell you how many sleepless nights I had, how many days I cried from frustration, how many times we thought we had it, but never. The rollercoaster of emotions, the financial loss - the arguments. The feeling of defeat. 

Then we had days where progress was seen, but consistency was hard to achieve. We wanted to ensure when we launched crystallized fans they were nothing more than perfect.

We can officially say that we did it!!!!!

We could not be more proud of these handmade crystallized fans that OUR manufacturers have made for YOU!

If you choose to not make your own fans, know that you can count on Lash Legend Crystallized Fans!!!

Side note:

Lash Legend is our second company which is based in Alberta - focused solely on lash extension products. If you’ve followed House of Glam over the years you would agree we’ve made some significant changes.

We are evolving! We have established ourselves as a beauty retail store and training center. You can now shop online or in-studio to browse our selection of products. Currently, we are carrying our first subsidiary brand - LASH LEGEND <3



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