Brow Lamination - ELEVATE vs Thuya


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Brow Lamination - ELEVATE vs Thuya

Brow Lamination - ELEVATE vs Thuya

When choosing the right solutions for brow laminations, there are many different factors to consider: processing time, shelf life, price and volume would all affect the maximum return you get from your service.

I will compare two popular brands ELEVATE and Thuya to see the pros and cons of each.

When it comes to processing time, ELEVATE takes the cake. Both perming & setting solutions can be left on for 4 to 8 minutes each, depending on the thickness of the brow. Thuya solutions would need to be left on for 10-15 minutes each, which is almost double.

Thuya perming & setting solutions are a little cheaper of a price point when purchased separately. They both come in 15ml bottles & are $70 plus tax. ELEVATE comes in 10ml bottles and is $115 for both solutions. However, when purchased in a bundle you save drastically. The ELEVATE Brow Lamination Kit comes with all five solutions needed for each step. It also includes the tools you will need to complete the service, such as Ycombs, micro swabs, lash brushes, applications and solution rings. In total the kit comes with enough product for 25-30 clients. Thuya offers a very basic brow lamination kit for $230 and iincludes only the perming, setting and nourishing solutions. Anything besides those three products would have to be purchased separately, totalling roughly $320 plus tax.

As for shelf life both brands are the same. I can only assume storage would be as well. It's recommended to store in a cool dry place for 6 months when opened or 12 months unopened. I would have also compared ingredients, however I could not find them listed anywhere online.

In conclusion, my personal choice for Brow Lamination products would have to be ELEVATE.

When it gets down to time and profits, you definitely get the maximum return from your services. Just by choosing the perming and setting solutions with the faster processing time, it could knock up to 15 minutes off your service and time really is money. I also absolutley love the ELLIVATE kit option, not only does it save you a lot of money but it is super convenient to have all the products & tools you need to complete the services with just one click of a button.

Another pro for ELEVATE would be knowing that House Of Glam provides products that have safe and effective ingredients in them.

I truly believe that full transparency of ingredients & how to store the products we use on our skin is important.

Unfortunately Thuya’s product information on their website was basically nonexistent.

I’m super excited to start offering ELEVATE Brow & Lash Lifts to my clients.

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