Beauty services + at home care!

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Beauty services + at home care!

The majority would agree that receiving a service from your beauty professional (bp) makes you feel on top of the world. Who doesn’t love a glowy facial or a new hairstyle?

When you avail of these services, often expensive, your bp may recommend you purchase a product to use at home, in between appointments.

It isn’t about upselling a product, because let's face it, good products have very little profit margins. The reason they recommend or suggest a certain product is because of their education; they have the knowledge to recommend effective lines that are suitable for you.

People who work in the cosmetic industry, generally jump in because they want to help people feel good and help them be the best version of themselves. It truly is a passion!

Unfortunately, most of us do not have bp’s available at the snap of our fingers. Hence, the reason why at home products and routines are essential! 

Bottom line, you invest in services because you want to feel and look great, and you decide on the service provider because you trust them. So, be sure to ask about home care products so both of you can be equally as happy at your next appointment.


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