Be productive boss babes!


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Be productive boss babes!

Everyone has their own unique situation during this pandemic. For me, all I want to do is work work work. But I can't. When owning a business, work is everything! It is life! So this is my struggle... I know parents are struggling with their kids not in school, others have concerns over financial loss, and some are terrified that either themselves or their loved ones will catch this terrible virus. Whatever your concern may be it is okay to feel how you feel and react the way you have during this uncertain time.

I constantly have this strong urge to be productive! So this makes me think of ways that Lash Artists can use this time to grow and feel that fulfillment!! Since we cannot Lash right now.. Why not spend your time creating beautiful handmade fans and then storing them for your clients! You can now use all of this time to make your client appointment times shorter! Win win.. Practice + occupy your mind + fans are already made for your business! Best part is, those pretty fans are still your work and you can create beautiful volume sets with your handmade fans when the pandemic is history <3 .. I am thrilled to introduce HofG’s online Crystallizing Course. This course will teach you how to create and store fans like a pro. No prior volume training required.

Instead of losing your skills - come out ahead!

Stay Strong

<3 Kristie 

  • Available for enrolment on on our website April 6, 2020

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