Our NEW COLLECTION is very different from Black Diamond Collection because the raw materials undergo a process that thins the individual lashes to less than 0.03 diameter and they are dipped in the softest and lightest material called cashmere. They are incredibly soft and easy to use. They allow lash artists to create safe mega volume fans without Mega Glam - Advanced Volume training. 

What do we mean by residual? Well, because the lashes have been swiped with a water based hypoallergenic glue they have a sticky residual allowing them to be fanned without the base collapsing.

But wait, if you do use them properly then you will not get the look or retention you want! Here are some tips for using blooming lashes:

Have you ever been lashing or doing a brow lamination or lash lift on a client, when all of a sudden you realize you’ve used 10 flocked applicators or micro swabs? Maybe 5 solution/adhesive rings? Just how much plastic are we wasting day after day.
Take a moment to think about beauty products that you use on yourself or your clients. What materials are they made from? Are they recyclable? Do they leach harmful chemicals?
Day after day,
Week after week,
Month after month,
Year after year,
A ridiculous amount of beauty products, packaging, and disposable (oftentimes reusable) tools end up in landfills, no longer serving a purpose.
Climate change is real, it's happening, and every one is accountable.
Starting April 7th, 2021, we will be hosting monthly webinars with Master Lash Artist's and Owner's of House of Glam, Kristie + Dianna. 
Webinars will be taking place on the first Wednesday of every month @ 2:30 PM NDT/ 1 PM EST/ 9 AM PST. 

Of course, as a Lash Artist, I am all about lash enhancements (mega volume all the way, am I right?)  but I also recognize the importance of maintaining the natural health of our lashes.

We use sunscreen to protect our skin, a hat to protect the hair on our head, and sunglasses to keep our eyes safe. Our eyelashes also need some TLC!!!!!!

Lash Artists recommend that their clients clean their lashes on a regular basis.


Due to the increase in lash fibres, clients are more susceptible to the accumulation of dirt and oil which may result in infection and/or premature lash loss.

Lash cleansers, shampoos and detoxes can get pretty pricey so some clients will purchase micellar water. Micellar water can remove dirt and oil from natural and synthetic eyelash extensions.


Hello current and future business owners I have a trick for YOU! If you are already in business then you get it… Paperwork.. PUKE. The not so glamo...
A condition where oil glands near the eyelashes become clogged causing inflammation of the eyelids. There are several reasons a person can have blepharitis such as an infection or rosacea. It is often a chronic condition that is hard to treat. Common symptoms of blepharitis typically experienced include watery eyes, redness, itchiness, light sensitivity, and frequent blinking. Performing a lash lift and/or tint on this type of client would be extremely difficult and unsafe for the client. The products used in the service could cause the client further irritation and discomfort making their condition worse. Also, due to the clients frequent blinking, it could be possible to get lash products into the client’s eyes.
The main function of the eyebrow is to keep sweat and moisture away from our eyes. The arch and direction of the individual hair helps to direct moisture toward the sides of our faces, serving as a shield. The skin on the eyebrow is between the thin skin of the eyelid and the thicker skin of the forehead. They are considered a part of scalp hair and are divided into 3 parts: the head, body, and the tail. There are 3 types of hair in the brow such as vellus, longer lightly pigmented, and terminal hair. Eyebrows are crucial for facial recognition and the most expressive part of our faces. You can tell exactly how someone is feeling based on their facial movements, for example, if the brows are furrowed the person is probably angry, if raised it could mean they are inquisitive or confused, and if shocked both brows may go up. 

Below are a few examples of what I would do:

  • Make sure to gather as much information about your clients as possible to help learn about any possible health concerns or risks. Also be aware of their eyelash health and condition (if it is safe to go through with service)
  • Always go over contraindications with your clients! I cannot stress this enough how important this is.  
  • Always proceed to do a patch test on your clients 48 hours prior to the appointment to make sure they are not allergic to the ingredients being used.
  • Make sure you give your clients knowledgeable feedback on questions and concerns they ask.
  • Make sure you are sanitizing/sterilizing your tools and workspace, and you store your tools in a sanitary space. (Always sanitize/sterilize before and after each client/use).
  • Always make sure you make them aware of aftercare restrictions and steps. Things they cannot do for the first 24 hours after treatment. 
  • Recommend they use an eyelash growth enhancement product to help keep their lashes thick and healthy. 
  • Have your client read through and sign your consent/liability form. 

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