Clients can have 80-150 lashes per eye. So let’s say as an experienced lash artist you are applying 2 lashes every minute, or 1 lash every 30 seconds.

If your client has 80 lashes on each eye, that is going to take you 40 minutes per eye for a total of 1 hr + 10 minutes (80 minutes)

If your client has 150 lashes on each eye, that is going to take you 75 minutes per eye for a total of 2 hrs + 30 minutes (150 minutes) 

This is one of the MANY reasons why we strongly recommend against creating a service menu that prices fills based on the number of weeks such as 2 week fills or 3 week fills. Instead, you should have a system that includes all of these factors.

We recommend our certified students offer touch ups, fills and extended fills based on the type of lashes they are using such as flat lashes, handmade fans or crystallized fans. ETC! 
Bottom line, you invest in services because you want to feel and look great, and you decide on the service provider because you trust them. So, be sure to ask about home care products so both of you can be equally as happy at your next appointment.

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Our NEW COLLECTION is very different from Black Diamond Collection because the raw materials undergo a process that thins the individual lashes to less than 0.03 diameter and they are dipped in the softest and lightest material called cashmere. They are incredibly soft and easy to use. They allow lash artists to create safe mega volume fans without Mega Glam - Advanced Volume training. 

What do we mean by residual? Well, because the lashes have been swiped with a water based hypoallergenic glue they have a sticky residual allowing them to be fanned without the base collapsing.

But wait, if you do use them properly then you will not get the look or retention you want! Here are some tips for using blooming lashes:

Have you ever been lashing or doing a brow lamination or lash lift on a client, when all of a sudden you realize you’ve used 10 flocked applicators or micro swabs? Maybe 5 solution/adhesive rings? Just how much plastic are we wasting day after day.
Take a moment to think about beauty products that you use on yourself or your clients. What materials are they made from? Are they recyclable? Do they leach harmful chemicals?
Day after day,
Week after week,
Month after month,
Year after year,
A ridiculous amount of beauty products, packaging, and disposable (oftentimes reusable) tools end up in landfills, no longer serving a purpose.
Climate change is real, it's happening, and every one is accountable.
Starting April 7th, 2021, we will be hosting monthly webinars with Master Lash Artist's and Owner's of House of Glam, Kristie + Dianna. 
Webinars will be taking place on the first Wednesday of every month @ 2:30 PM NDT/ 1 PM EST/ 9 AM PST. 

Of course, as a Lash Artist, I am all about lash enhancements (mega volume all the way, am I right?)  but I also recognize the importance of maintaining the natural health of our lashes.

We use sunscreen to protect our skin, a hat to protect the hair on our head, and sunglasses to keep our eyes safe. Our eyelashes also need some TLC!!!!!!

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