Kirsten is a huge asset to House of Glam's Team! 


She is dependable, conscientious and 100% devoted to the growth + success of HofG. 


kirsten.houseofglam [INSTAGRAM]

Tis' the topic of conversation in the lash world - SO LETS ADDRESS IT! As a professional lash artist I struggled immensely with the idea of lash ar...

HofG has decided to launch the first Lash Artist of the Year (LAOTY) Competition!

Remember when you first started lashing? Maybe you felt like giving up because it was too hard, it was time consuming and it hurt your neck and back ;). Well, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there. What matters is you continued to work hard at developing skills. 

LAOTY is a competition that acknowledges lash artists who demonstrate perseverance. 

Our Glow Drying + Finishing Powder is a lightweight and easy-to-use powder that targets high-sweat areas and absorbs moisture. This luxe formulatio...
Before a client books in for a sunless tan appointment, they need to be aware of the proper prep that involved to ensure they get the most out of t...
The Lash + Brow Growth Serum that everyone is RAVING about: iLash Rehab. iLash Rehab is the perfect final step in anyone’s self-care routine! Just...
Your adhesive needs just as much love as a sweet little baby… well, maybe that’s a little dramatic but adhesives require a whole lot of love and ca...

Our Diamond Sealant is extraordinary - there are no words. It increases retention time by 2 weeks or more, minimizes eye irritation and redness, and seals the adhesive like nothing you’ve seen before. 





If you’re paying for a service (especially a pricey one) you need to know how to get the most out of it. Professional eyelash extensions can be ti...

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