Our programs are world renowned for their science backed content (no bullshit), advanced technologies (new and trending methods), and incredibly effective and successful course content.  

We are fully focused on REAL training that focuses on YOU, the student, to help YOU become the best you can be. 
Everyone wants long and luscious lashes! This is why there’s been such a boom in the eyelash extension industry. Long, dark eyelashes will emphasiz...
Purchase a pair of sassy ANTI-BLUE LIGHT GLASSES - 30% off this week. We have various styles for everyone, including little humans! 

WHY not just do a cat eye?
Most people have shorter lashes on the ends and a longer length won’t last as long.. In fact, it can put strain on the lashes and cause them to drop down or fall out prematurely. This technique gives the illusion of a cat eye and allows for superb retention! 

House of Glam is one of Newfoundland's few studios that offer comprehensive eyelash extension training. Dianna Dwyer and Kristie Lawlor, who collectively have over fifteen years of experience in the beauty industry, founded the brand in 2018. 

We provide virtual training on cosmetic services such as eyelash extensions, lash lifts and tints, eyebrow lamination, and spray tanning.

Knowledge is power. We're dedicated to elevating the lash industry standards on a global scale through advocacy and education. We hope to achieve these goals by providing students with elevated educational programs and formulating safer, more effective products for industry professionals.

House of Glam products are thoughtfully formulated with clean ingredients to prioritize sustainability, client safety and maximize results. We thoroughly research each ingredient, and most of our product lineup is created within the province.

In conclusion, my personal choice for Brow Lamination products would have to be ELEVATE. When it gets down to time and profits, you definitely get the maximum return from your services. Just by choosing the perming and setting solutions with the faster processing time, it could knock up to 15 minutes off your service and time really is money. I also absolutley love the ELLIVATE kit option, not only does it save you a lot of money but it is super convenient to have all the products & tools you need to complete the services with just one click of a button. Another pro for ELEVATE would be knowing that House Of Glam provides products that have safe and effective ingredients in them. I truly believe that full transparency of ingredients & how to store the products we use on our skin is important. Unfortunately Thuya’s product information on their website was basically nonexistent. I’m super excited to start offering ELEVATE Brow & Lash Lifts to my clients.

Here in North America we have an aging population. As we get older our body changes, skin becomes more sensitive and hair (eyelashes too) begin to fall out and more.

Most salons and lash artists advertise or market towards 20 to 30 year olds and miss out on a huge opportunity to service mature clients.

When it comes to lashing clients over 50 years of age it requires a little planning. 

We now have a bundle that we put together with mature clients in mind! It has everything you need to service any client that walks through your doors. 

To show our love and appreciation we’ve decided to offer the PRO Beauty Bundle option for courses.

You can now browse our website and select multiple courses at discounted rates:

Pick 2 courses and receive 15% off
Pick 3 courses and receive 20% off 
Pick 4 courses and receive 25% off 

Whether you want to gain a reputable certificate in brow lamination, lash lift + tint, classic extensions, volume extensions, spray tans and various other courses - WE GOT YOU! ;)

Did we mention? We specialize in virtual training so you can complete all courses from anywhere in the world. We also travel over the globe to train individuals, groups, and even your salon team. We know how vital it is to have a strong team! Let us help you reach your goals!

During my research of the above discussed blogs, some if not all had similar suggestions on how to avoid such unfortunate experiences when receiving any type of lash/brow service. The suggestions include performing a thorough search of a lash artists prior accreditation’s, experience, reputation and sanitary practices before booking with them to avoid any of the above concerns.

-HofG student 

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